Mother Charged in Starvation Death of 2-Month-Old Twin Boy




    Philadelphia Police were trying to find out who was responsible after two-month-old Quasir Alexander was found starving and near death in a West Philadelphia shelter. He would later die. (Published Thursday, Dec 30, 2010)

    The mother of a baby boy who starved to death has been charged with murder and related offenses.

    One of Tanya Williams' two-month old twins, Quasir, died at a West Philadelphia homeless shelter on December 23.

    Quasir's twin brother was suffering from malnutrition, according to investigators. He and four other siblings were put in the custody of DHS after Quasir's death.

    Mayor Michael Nutter called the death "a tragedy," and vowed to investigate.

    Shelter director Ted Weerts says he couldn''t discuss the case specifically because of the family's privacy rights.

    "The death of any child is tragic," said Weerts. We asked Weerts if he had any clue why no one at the shelter noticed the baby's condition. Weerts said the shelter was conducting an internal investigation and planned to work closely with the city in its investigation as well.

    The facility, Traveler's Aid Family Services, houses up to 75 families in individual rooms. The shelter provides food and clothing.