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Another Home Burglarized in South Jersey Community


    According to investigators, the burglars are targeting homes in Moorestown, New Jersey.

    Police in South Jersey want to stop a band of burglars accused of stealing hundreds of thousands of dollars in jewelry from South Jersey homeowners.

    According to investigators, the burglars target homes in Moorestown, New Jersey, taking advantage of residents out of town and those with a strong sense of security from residents who at times forget to lock their doors or set their alarms.

    Moorestown Homes Targeted in Rash of Burglaries

    [PHI] Moorestown Homes Targeted in Rash of Burglaries
    Police are warning residents to be extra cautious due to several burglaries in Moorestown, NJ.
    (Published Tuesday, Aug. 12, 2014)

    “We’re in a safe neighborhood but someone broke into our home,” said RJ Meagher, one of the victims.

    Meagher admits the back door of his home on Albury Court may have been open Saturday and his alarm system wasn’t working. Meagher says the burglars stole $200,000 worth of jewelry after they ripped out the bedroom safe.

    “I thought it would be safe in the safe,” Meagher said. “But that’s not the case.”

    Police say the burglars have hit five homes on the affluent east side of Moorestown since June 9. The latest reported heist happened along Sheffield Drive between Saturday and when the homeowners returned on Monday, according to police.

    In that most recent heist, police say the thieves forced open a rear sliding door and made off with jewelry.

    Another home, located on Courtland Shire Drive, was broken into after the owner forgot to set the alarm.

    “Quite often we find these burglars are just driving around,” said Moorestown Police Lieutenant Lee Leiber. “They’re looking for a house that’s dark and they’ll knock on the front door. If nobody answers they’re going to burglarize the residents.”

    If you have any information on the burglaries, please call Moorestown Police at (856) 235-1405.