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Missing Ape Statue Safe, Full of Bullet Holes

A Pennsylvania woman says her beloved gorilla was swiped from outside her home Monday.



    Scranton The-Times-Tribune Newspaper
    Greystone, the 400-pound gorilla statue returned home after being swiped on Monday.

    A Pennsylvania woman says a 400-pound gorilla statue was stolen from her home, used for target practice and then returned.

    Patricia Rudalavage's beloved lava-rock statue Greystone was returned to her Scranton-area home on Thursday. The statue had bullet holes in its head, stomach and extremities, but is still standing.

    Rudalavage tells The Times-Tribune of Scranton that two men arrived with the statue in the back of a pickup truck, saying they'd found him about five miles away at a makeshift shooting range on a mountain. She says they refused the $100 reward for his return.
    Rudalavage says her adored ape disappeared from outside her home on Monday.


    Photo courtesy: Scranton The Times-Tribune Newspaper