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Man Accused of Abusing Elderly Couple Who Let Him Live in Their Home



    Philadelphia Police

    A man is behind bars after he allegedly abused an elderly couple who allowed him inside their home.

    Investigators say an 83-year-old woman and her 85-year-old husband allowed 55-year-old William Miller to move into their home on the 3900 block of North Percy Street in Philadelphia during the winter of 2009.

    According to police, Miller was homeless at the time and the couple allowed him to move in with them under the condition that he would help them around the house.

    Investigators say that in 2011, Miller began to physically assault the couple, beginning a cycle of abuse that would last for three years. Miller allegedly beat the 83-year-old woman on a monthly basis and her husband on a daily basis. Police say Miller repeatedly asked the couple for money and would beat them whenever they refused.

    According to officials, the 85-year-old man suffered from medical conditions but Miller would attack him anyway.

    Police say the last incident occurred a few weeks ago when Miller punched the elderly woman in the face several times, causing swelling. Miller allegedly threatened to kill the couple if they ever tried to tell police about the abuse.

    Police say the elderly man was taken to Temple University Hospital back on Easter Sunday after a recent assault by Miller. Police were notified which sparked their investigation.

    Miller was arrested on Thursday and charged with Attempted Murder, Aggravated Assault, Robbery and other related offenses. Investigators say Miller had three prior arrests for burglary and narcotics.

    Police continue to investigate.