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La Salle University Lays off 3 Percent of Workforce



    Philadelphia Business Journal
    Colleen Hanycz, President of La Salle University.

    La Salle University's new president has announced the Philadelphia school has laid off 23 employees just two months into her tenure.

    Colleen Hanycz says she knew La Salle needed to make some changes but the cuts weren't something she anticipated. The school's first female president says she wasn't aware of the extent of the financial burden when she accepted the position.

    The Philadelphia Inquirer reports a $12 million deficit and a declining freshman enrollment is to blame for the 3 percent loss of workforce at the university.

    University officials project the incoming freshman class will be comprised of 725 students, well below its target. The 2014 freshman class was made up of 860 students.

    Hanycz declined to list the positions affected, but said no faculty members were cut.