Ex-Baggage Handler at Philadelphia International Cleared in Theft Case

The baggage handler was accused of acting as a lookout for others who stole from passengers luggage.

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    A former baggage handler at Philadelphia International Airport has been cleared of charges he acted as a lookout for three others who rummaged through passengers' bags and swiping items.
    A judge who watched surveillance footage taken by a hidden camera found no connection between 46-year-old Victor Soler and his three former American Airlines co-workers who pleaded guilty in the case last year.

    A detective who testified at Thursday's bench trial said Soler kept the luggage moving on a conveyor belt to help conceal the thefts from supervisors, but Municipal Judge Bradley Moss said Soler's mere presence isn't a crime.

    Soler's attorney told the Philadelphia Daily News following the trial that his client had reported the thefts to superiors.

    An American Airlines spokesman declined to comment on the case.