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Man Kills Baby by Rubbing Him With Drano: Police

Police say man soaked a rag with Drano and rubbed it on baby's skin



    Philadelphia Police
    Aaron Pace, 33, was arrested on murder charges for allegedly killing his baby by rubbing the baby's skin with a rag soaked in Drano.

    A Philadelphia man allegedly killed a baby boy by soaking a rag in Drano and rubbing it on the baby’s skin.

    Police arrived at the 4500 block of North 18th Street Feb. 2 only to find 20-month-old Suliaman Orrell Kirkland with burns on the upper part of his body.

    Thirty-three-year-old Aaron Pace, a friend of the baby's mother who was babysitting the boy, put Drano on a cloth and rubbed the poisonous cloth on his baby’s skin because he had been crying, police said.

    Drano a household product made from an extreme base (which is just as corrosive as an extreme acid) and is used to physically burn through hair and deposits clogging drains.

    The toddler was brought to St. Christopher’s Hospital in critical condition and died almost a week later on Feb. 7.

    Police arrested Pace on charges of murder. Police mistakenly called Pace the baby's father in its initial report.