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Cop Accused of Tasering Teen Friends With Lt. Who Hit Woman

The officer accused of tasering a teen prisoner claimed that he's been friends for 30 years with the lieutenant caught on video hitting a woman in the face.



    The fact that they’re both involved in major controversies isn’t the only thing that Cpl. Trevor Parham and Lieutenant Jonathan Josey have in common. It turns out the two officers are friends, and have known each other for 30 years, according to Parham.

    Parham revealed this while speaking with NBC10 after his court appearance on Monday. The former Colwyn Borough Police Officer is accused of tasering a handcuffed teen prisoner.

    Judge to Decide Fate of Cop Accused of Tasering

    [PHI] Judge to Decide Fate of Cop Accused of Tasering
    Bench trial of former Colwyn cop Trevor Parham will begin on Thursday in Media, Delaware County.
    (Published Monday, Oct. 15, 2012)

    According to a criminal complaint, Parham admitted to tasering 17-year-old Da'Qwaun Jackson while the teen was handcuffed in a holding cell on April 24.

    Jackson told NBC10 that Parham tasered and teased him. He also claimed the officer even texted someone about the tasering. Jackson allegedly used the acronym LOL (laugh out loud) in the text to another officer.

    The incident caused a major controversy in Colwyn. Deputy Chief of Police Wendell Reed was placed on paid leave in the wake of the tasering but has since been reinstated. Four other officers were suspended for either knowing about or allegedly covering up the tasering. Parham himself was dismissed from the force in July and charged with simple assault and official oppression.

    During a court appearance on Monday, Judge Kevin Kelly agreed to a request from Parham’s attorney for a bench trial, which means there will not be a jury. Instead, Judge Kelly will be the one who decides guilt or innocence in the case. The bench trial is scheduled to begin Thursday at 10:30 a.m.

    Parham spoke with NBC10 off camera after his court appearance.

    “No crime was committed,” said Parham. “This situation has been blown out of proportion. The officer’s code of conduct shows that the use of force is allowed to prevent a prisoner from hurting himself. Jackson was banging his head into the cell screen repeatedly. He was issued three warnings to stop before the taser was actually used.”

    NBC10 also asked Parham about a tip email from a viewer claiming he was friends with Jonathan Josey, the Police Lieutenant caught on video hitting a woman in the face last month. The viewer claimed both men graduated from West Catholic High School during the same year. While Parham did not confirm that he graduated high school with Josey, he did admit to knowing and being friends with him for 30 years.