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Convicted Murderer Won't Get Reduced Sentence



    A man convicted of the 1971 robbery and murder of a 75-year-old eastern Pennsylvania man has lost a bid for a reduced sentence.

    Sixty-three-year-old Daniel Lee Graves was 21 when he and several friends broke into the Easton home of Sebastiano Patiri.

    His co-defendants said Graves killed the elderly man. Graves said he was high on LSD and had no memory of the attack.

    The Express-Times says the Pennsylvania Superior Court Monday upheld a lower court's rejection of Graves' appeal of his life sentence.

    Graves is among several convicted killers seeking reduced sentences after a U.S. Supreme Court case banning automatic life-without-parole sentences for anyone under 18.

    Pennsylvania courts have said the rule doesn't apply to Graves because he was 21 at the time of the murder.