New Jersey Debate for U.S. Senate

New Jersey Debate for U.S. Senate

Cory Booker and Steve Lonegan Go Head-to-Head on October 9, 2013

Christie-Endorsed Senate Candidate Holds Fundraiser at Gun Range

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    Image from Lonegan campaign ad

    New Jersey’s Republican candidate for U.S. Senate, Steve Lonegan, held a campaign fundraiser at a Camden County gun range.

    The event was held at the South Jersey Shooting Club in Winslow, New Jersey. According to the flier, the event gives Lonegan supporters the opportunity to “exercise their Second Amendment Rights all in one shot.”

    Attendees raised money for Lonegan’s campaign while firing rifles and pistols. The fundraiser gave supporters the following options:

    Shoot 5 rounds from the Barrett M107 .50BMG for $125
    Shoot 20 rounds from the S&W M&P AR15 for $40
    Shoot 5 rounds from the Savage 10P .308 for $40
    Shoot 10 rounds from the Ruger 10/22 .22 for $20

    Shoot the Magnum Research BFR 45-70 revolver, 1 round for $15 or a whole cylinder for $50
    Shoot 5 rounds from the Desert Eagle 50 for $40
    Shoot 14 rounds from the Taurus .357 revolver for $20
    Shoot 20 rounds from the Glock 19 9mm for $20
    Shoot 20 rounds from the Colt 1911-22 .22 for $20

    Lonegan faces an uphill challenge in the race against Cory Booker, the mayor of Newark and a rising Democratic star who's better-known to voters. He's also a friend and occasional political ally of New Jersey Governor Chris Christie. Christie endorsed Lonegan last August, saying he was "proud'' to have Steve Lonegan as the Republican candidate.

    Christie signed a law requiring law enforcement agencies to tell the state information about guns that are seized or found abandoned.

    Christie said in a statement Friday that the law will help keep weapons away from criminals.

    His approval comes after the Legislature reworked parts of the bill following Christie's previous conditional veto of it.

    The governor said that provisions calling for public reports to be produced about some of the information would have violated federal law.

    Last month, Christie vetoed two bigger pieces of gun legislation. One would have banned .50-caliber rifles and the other would have overhauled the state's gun permit law.