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Coast Guard EMT Rescues Choking Victim Aboard New Jersey Yacht

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    A 61-year-old woman was treated on board a yacht by the Coast Guard after choking while eating lunch in the waters off Cape May. (Published Friday, Aug. 29, 2014)

    The United States Coast Guard came to the rescue of a choking victim aboard a yacht in the waters off New Jersey.

    A woman aboard the Cape May-based 65-foot yacht Canyon Lady began to choke on her lunch Wednesday near Cape May Harbor.

    The local Coast Guard came to the rescue after the crew called for help.

    “Once we were on board, I established who the victim was and found the 61-year-old female laying in the recovery position,” said Chief Petty Officer Richard Fisher.

    Fisher, an EMT, acted quickly.

    “I administered 15 liters high-flow oxygen because she was still a little blue. Once we did that she was able to come around a little better, we were able to sit her up and she began talking.”

    The unidentified woman refused further treatment.