Knife-Wielding Robber Caught at Casino

An elderly woman faked a heart attack to scare off the man who broke into her home and tied her up.

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    Bensalem Township Police Department
    Quincy Cannon, 25, was arrested for the robbery of an elderly woman.

    Bensalem Police have apprehended the man they say broke into the home of an elderly woman, tied her up and stole her debit card.

    Police arrested 36-year-old Quincy Cannon at the Parx Casino on Monday night for allegedly breaking into the Crafton Drive home of an 83-year-old woman around 2:15 a.m. Saturday.

    Elderly Woman Tied Up and Robbed

    [PHI] Elderly Woman Tied Up and Robbed
    An 83-year-old woman was asleep in her bed when a man held a knife to her and demanded money. The alleged suspect tied the woman to her night stand, but police say she was able to free herself by cutting the rope with her teeth. (Published Monday, Oct. 31, 2011)

    They also say the man tied up the woman at knife-point and stole her debit card.

    The victim faked a heart attack to scare Cannon off.

    Once he was gone, she chewed through the rope, freed herself and called police.

    According to investigators, the suspect went straight to the bank with the victim's card and withdrew money from her account. There, they were able to obtain a surveillance picture of the man.

    That picture is what helped a table games dealer identify Cannon.