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Complete coverage of the child sex abuse scandal that rocked a college football giant

'Blue Out' Saturday at PSU to Support Child Abuse Victims

Nittany Lions fans are rallying Saturday to support victims of child abuse amid the recent scandal

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    Known for their “white outs” that make Beaver Stadium a sea of white, Nittany Lions football fans have declared a “blue out” for Saturday’s big game against Nebraska at noon.

    From the Penn State Football Facebook page, an event which already has nearly 5,000 attendees:

    Paterno's Son: JoePa Is Not Stepping Down

    [PHI] Paterno's Son: JoePa Is Not Stepping Down
    Joe Paterno's weekly news conference was canceled abruptly on Tuesday. Paterno's son Scott says that his father wanted to talk about the alleged child sex abuse scandal that former Assistant Coach Jerry Sandusky is charged in connection with. (Published Tuesday, Nov. 8, 2011)

    “In light of the numerous counts of sexual abuse recently charged against former defensive coordinator Jerry Sandusky, wear blue to the Nebraska game to support the victims of child abuse worldwide. Penn State has a strong tradition of integrity and solidarity to uphold-- let's make national news not only for the scandal, but for our collective actions to show support for the victims, and be proud again to say WE ARE PENN STATE!

    Even if you can't make the game, attend the event to show your support.

    Statistics: It is estimated that 1 in 4 girls and 1 in 6 boys will have experienced an episode of sexual abuse while younger than 18 years. The numbers of boys affected may be falsely low because of reporting techniques (Botash, Ann, MD, Pediatric Annual, May, 1997).

    UPDATE: A special thank you to the Panhellenic Council, the College Republicans, and the LION fm for their support! Only together can we stand united with our fellow classmates and teammates."

    Paterno Heads to Practice Despite Sex Scandal

    [PHI] Paterno Heads to Practice Despite Sex Scandal
    Students cheer on Joe Paterno and continue to give him support despite the Jerry Sandusky child sex abuse allegations. Paterno's son says his dad has no plans to step down from his head coaching position at Penn State. (Published Tuesday, Nov. 8, 2011)