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Bloody Trail Leads Cops to Massive Drug Bust

Police found more than half a million dollars worth of marijuana in a Northeast Philadelphia home.

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    Police confiscate nearly a million dollars worth of marijuana from a Northeast Philadelphia home.

    A bloody trail led police to a massive drug bust in Northeast Philadelphia late Tuesday night.

    Police say they received a call about about a man being beaten on Eastwood Street around 10:45. Witnesses tell NBC10 that a man was attacked with baseball bats by a group of masked people.

    When they arrived at the scene, both the group and the alleged victim were gone. Police followed a trail of blood that led them to a home on the 7100 block of Akron Street. They broke down the door looking for the victim (who was nowhere to be found) and stumbled upon much more -- marijuana. A lot of it.

    Investigators are estimating that the marijuana is worth anywhere from $500,000 to $1 million.

    To follow protocol, officers left the house and waited for a warrant to go back in and confiscate the bales of pot.

    Neighbors tell police that a man and woman live in the house. No word if the beaten man is the one that lives in the home.

    Investigators continue to search for that man.