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'Black Madam' Charged With 3rd Degree Murder

Padge Windslowe was charged in the death of a London tourist who traveled to Philadelphia to get silicone butt injections

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    Padge Windslowe, also known as the "Black Madam", was charged with 3rd degree murder on Tuesday for the death of Claudia Aderotimi. Windslowe was also charged with conspiracy and unauthorized practice of medicine. Police say Aderotimi received illegal butt injections of food based silicone from Windslowe in February 2011. NBC10's Katy Zachry reports. (Published Tuesday, July 24, 2012)

    Padge Windslowe, 42, a Philadelphia woman who calls herself the "Black Madam" has been charged with third-degree murder for the death of Claudia Aderotimi.

    A press conference was held at 3 p.m. on Tuesday regarding the case.

    On February 7, 2011, police say Aderotimi, 20, flew from London to Philadelphia after seeing Windslowe's internet posting advertising body enhancement. Aderotimi did not know that Windslowe was an unlicensed and untrained layperson who was using local hotels, according to investigators.

    Police say Aderotimi was injected in her buttocks with a needle filled with silicone. After the injection, Aderotimi expeienced chest pains as the silicone traveled through her system and into her blood stream and organs, according to investigators. Police say Aderotimi's friends, who were in the hotel during the procedure, alerted Windslowe about the medical emergency. Windslowe allegedly told Aderotimi and her friends that she should drink more fluids and to call an ambulance if she needed to. Police say Windslowe then ran off instead of calling police or checking to see if Aderotimi was okay. 

    Aderotimi died a short time later at a Delaware County Hospital from a pulmonary embulism caused by complications from the butt injection, according to the Medical Examiner. A pulmonary embulism is a blockage of the lung's main artery or one of its branches by a substance that has traveled from elsewhere in the body through the bloodstream.

    One of Aderotimi's friends, Theresa Gyamfi, said she traveled with her friend to the U.S. and had also received a similar injection in November 2010 from the same woman.

    Gyamfi identified Padge Windslowe as the woman that injected both of them.

    On March 1, Windslowe was charged with Criminal Conspiracy, Aggravated Assault, Theft by Deception and other related offenses. She was arrested in East Germantown at a "pumping party" where police believe she was about to perform procedures similar to the one that killed Aderotimi.

    Windslowe remains in jail from her March 1 arrest. She is being held on $750,000 bail.