Big Deals at Car Auction

Bucks County D.A.'s office selling cars seized in crimes

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    The Bucks County District Attorney's Office is auctioning off cars that were seized in drug or vice crimes. The two-day auction involves dozens of cars at a fraction of their value. NBC10's Aditi Roy shows you some of the best deals. (Published Tuesday, Nov. 20, 2012)

    The Bucks County District Attorney's office is auctioning off 40 vehicles that were seized in drug or vice crimes. The upside for you?  A great deal on a car selling for a fraction of its value.

    For example, there's a 2003 Lexus up for grabs with a minimum bid of $100.

    Here's all you have to do. Just show up to the D.A.'s warehouse in Levittown and place a written bid. You have until noon Saturday. Winners will be announced Saturday afternoon.

    Len Yodis of Levittown, PA has done this before. "I bought a Lexus for 2500 dollars, 1991. It's kind of fun" Yodis told NBC10. "You're competing against all these people to buy a car, a little exciting."

    "The car I bought was a 2001 Ford Taurus. I paid $400 for it and I sold it for $1500." said Joseph Mullins of Levittown, PA.

    For a complete list of vehicles available at auction, click here.