Man Brings AK-47 on SEPTA Rush Hour Ride: Cops

A passenger alerted police, who found the rider also had a handgun, knife and ammo, according to SEPTA

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    SEPTA safety may be in question after a man boarded a train with an AK-47 Thursday morning and surveillance video of an attack of an elderly man last month was released today. NBC10's Jesse Gary reports.

    SEPTA confirms to NBC10 that a man boarded the busy Broad Street line on Wednesday with a black bag that carried an assault rifle, handgun, knife and live ammo.

    The gunman boarded at City Hall.

    A passenger saw the suspect get on the train and called police.

    SEPTA officers raced two stops up, got on the train and took the man into custody.

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    Police have identified the man as Jermail Michael Ponds.

    Inside the bag, police say they found  weapons, $700, some pot and pain pills.

    In late June, riders came to the rescue when a man attacked a SEPTA bus driver near Independence Mall.

    And this summer, surveillance video captured a woman attacking a passenger on a SEPTA bus.

    Safety is a big issue for transport drivers because of the dramatic increase in violent attacks over the last two years.