Police to Administer Heroin Antidote to OD Victims

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    Next year Ocean County police will carry and administer Narcan, a nasal spray used as an antidote for opiate drug overdoses.

    Police in one area county are adding a special nasal spray to their crime-fighting arsenal.

    Starting early next year, officers in all 33 towns in Ocean County, N.J. will begin carrying an antidote that can revive people who overdose on heroin.

    Narcan can be used with any opioids, reversing the potentially lethal effects of the substance and giving emergency responders time to revive victims.

    Emergency Training and Consulting medical director Dr. Kenneth Lavelle tells the Asbury Park Press that police officers would administer it just like a nasal spray.

    Police to Administer Heroin Antidote to OD Victims

    [PHI] Police to Administer Heroin Antidote to OD Victims
    Police in one local county will begin carrying an antidote for people who have overdosed on heroin. (Published Thursday, Dec. 5, 2013)

    "The individual would open up the box, pop off two pieces of plastic, assemble it and they would just hold this to the nose and squirt," he said. "There are no needles. There are no risks."

    The nasal inhalant form of the drug costs about $25 and it should take about 90 days to train all officers.

    There have been 102 deaths associated with drug overdoses in the county this year.


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