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Preventing Student Allergy Attacks

A mother pushes for bus drivers to be permitted to carry Epi-Pens, an auto-injector to help prevent allergy attacks. »

FDA OKs 1st Hay Fever Allergy Tablet

The Food and Drug Administration said Wednesday that it has approved the first tablet in the U.S. for gradually reducing hay fever symptoms. »

Duke Scientists Create Self-Healing Muscles in Lab

Biomedical engineers have developed lab-grown skeletal muscles able to flex as just like biologically grown ones and even heal themselves if they are damaged. »

Missed the Obamacare Deadline? Here's What You Should Know

Monday was the last day to enroll in a health insurance plan on the federal and state Obamacare exchanges. If you procrastinated, or if you're just wondering what happens next, here's what you need to know... »

Parents Push for School Bus Drivers to Use Epi-Pens

Staff at Maddie Psaila’s elementary school in the Southern Lehigh School District are permitted to administer an epinephrine auto-injector if her severe allergy causes her to go into unapologetic shock. »

Liquid Therapy? Experts Warn of Alcohol Abuse by Moms

For many moms looking to relieve stress, wine and cocktails are part of their weekly routine, even on play dates. »

Foundation Funds $35M in Watershed Grants

A multi-million dollar, multi-state initiative promises to protect drinking water for 15 million people. »

Incoming Princeton Freshmen to Receive Meningitis Vaccine

Freshman students entering Princeton University this fall will be offered a vaccine to protect against a rare strain of meningitis that caused an outbreak at the school as well as the death of a... »


Treating Type 2 Diabetes with Surgery

Some patients are treating their Type 2 Diabetes with gastric bypass surgery. »

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