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Pennsylvania Launches 24th US Medical Marijuana Program

Pennsylvania has become the 24th state to legalize a comprehensive medical marijuana program. »


New Concerns in Zika Transmission

There are new concerns about Zika and how the virus is transmitted. NBC10’s Keith Jones has the latest on what’s being done to protect the public. »


Philly Councilman Advocates for Son With Autism

Autism affects many families, NBC10’s Aundrea Cline-Thomas tells us one family’s story of living with the disorder. »


CDC Confirms Male-to-Male Sexual Transmission of Zika

A Dallas man who contracted Zika in Venezuela transferred it to a male sexual partner after returning home in January, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention confirmed Thursday. The case was identified... »


Pennsylvania Legalizes Medical Marijuana

Gov. Tom Wolf was expected to sign a medical marijuana bill into law on Sunday, legalizing the use of the drug in Pennsylvania for people with more than 15 different conditions. »

Zika Virus Mutation May Explain Spread, Birth Defects: Study

Researchers hope genetic mutations they found in the Zika virus may explain why it seems to be causing birth defects, according to NBC News. The current virus strain comes from one that circulated in Asia, the... »

'Ghost Fishing;' Cleaning Up Land Mines of the Sea

Industry experts and scientists estimate that commercial fishermen lose about 10 percent of their traps per year to bad weather, currents that drag them to far-flung places or boats that sever tie lines intended... »

Parasites May Help Stomach & Bowel Diseases

Researchers believe they’ve figured out that worm-like parasites may help stomach and bowel diseases, NBC News reports. "Our findings are among the first to link parasites and bacteria to the origin of... »

Eagles, CHOP to Host Huddle Up for Autism

The Philadelphia Eagles will host Huddle Up for Autism on Sunday, April 17th at Lincoln Financial. »