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Twins Defining What Beauty Means

Twin sisters Lindsay and Katie Kite are the directors of 'Beauty Redefined,' whose goal is to help girls and women redefine what it means to be beautiful. NBC10's Vai Sikahema talks to the twins about how... »

Alzheimer's Silver Bullet? Drug Might Slow Dementia

Injections of a new "silver bullet" drug could slow memory loss in people who haven't yet Alzheimer's but who do have early symptoms, including brain plaques, early trials of the drug suggest. »

School Explains Whooping Cough 'Outbreak'

A Montgomery County school district continued its fight against whooping cough after the community was put on alert after five high school students came down with pertussis. »


Eating Healthy -- and Delicious

Dr. Ian Smith -- who came up with the shred diet plan -- talks to NBC10's Vai Sikahema about his new cookbook that helps people eat healthy and stick to their diet plan without compromising flavor. »

Health Care Hikes on Hold for Some Gov't Workers

Bowing to pressure from Democratic lawmakers, Gov. Jack Markell's administration agrees to delay proposed health care cost increases for state government workers and retirees. »

Cheap Wines Chock-Full of Arsenic: Lawsuit

Many popular, inexpensive brands of wine made and distributed in California, including Trader Joe's famed "Two Buck Chuck," contain illegal and dangerously high levels of poisonous inorganic arsenic, according... »


Breastfeeding Means Higher IQ for Babies?

Researchers in Brazil followed nearly 35,000 babies from all social classes and found those who were breastfed longer scored higher on IQ tests as adults. »

Poison Center Calls About Kids Hit 1.3 Million: Report

Poison centers across the country get more than 1,100 calls everyday that relate to children poisoned by medicine, a new report said. »

Treatment Center to Open in Wealthy NJ Town

An addiction treatment company is planning to open a rehabilitation center in one of southern New Jersey's wealthy towns, and some locals are not happy about the idea. »

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