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Ebola Monitoring Ends for Craig Spencer Caregivers

The active monitoring period has ended for the last of the 114 health workers who cared for New York City's Ebola patient. »

Philly Hospitals Can Treat Deadly Disease

Health officials have designated 35 hospitals across the country as Ebola treatment centers. »


Workers Trained to Fight Ebola in West Africa

The World Health Organization is getting teams of workers ready to fight the Ebola outbreak in West Africa. The virus has killed nearly 7,000 people on the continent so far. »

Too Many Infants Still Sleep With Blankets: Study

Too many U.S. infants sleep with blankets, pillows or other unsafe bedding that may lead to suffocation or sudden infant death syndrome, despite guidelines recommending against the practice. »

Drug Deaths Significantly Higher in Pa.: New CDC Study

Drug overdose deaths in Pennsylvania remain at significantly higher rates than the national average, a new study released Tuesday by the Center for Disease Control and Prevention found. »

Circumcision Benefits Outweigh the Risks, CDC Says

U.S. health officials on Tuesday released a draft of long-awaited federal guidelines on circumcision, saying medical evidence supports having the procedure done despite opposition from advocates who decry... »

Drug Overdose Deaths in U.S. Double: CDC

Drug overdose deaths more than doubled over the past decade, U.S. health officials announced in a report released Tuesday. Heroin-related deaths, in particular, more than tripled. »


Medicaid Enrollment Opportunity Reopens in Pa.

Hundreds of thousands of Pennsylvanians frozen out of the first year of coverage under the 2010 federal health care law's Medicaid expansion can now begin applying for it. »

The Off-Label Use of Ketamine for Depression

Some psychiatrists are exploring the off-label use of the common anesthesia drug Ketamine, which has shown results, but is also raising concerns. »

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