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"Teen Mom" May Have Helped Lower Teen Birth Rate

The teen birth rate in the United States has reached a new low, causing some psychologists to wonder if they have been unfairly critical of television shows that feature pregnancy in adolescents. »

Philly Woman Gets 'Incredibly Gross' Rash, Sues Over Wristband

A large rash grew on one woman's arm after she says she wore a popular fitness band. »

Eatery Cancels Autism Fundraiser Due to Backlash

Chili’s canceled fundraisers for over 1200 restaurants nationwide, including locations in the Philadelphia area, for a group that says that autism can be triggered by vaccinations. »

Consequence of Curbing Bedbugs?

Some residents worry the effort to curb growing bedbug concerns, may be making the problem worse. »


A Look Inside the Heroin Epidemic Part 2

In part 2 of her look inside the heroin epidemic and its impact on our area, NBC10's Denise Nakano goes on a ride-along with Camden County Police officers. Click here for a list of heroin treatment centers in... »

NYC Cronut Bakery Cleared to Reopen After "Mouse Infestation"

Cronut fans can resume their quest for the famed pastry, as the Dominique Ansel Bakery in SoHo was cleared to reopen Monday afternoon after being shut down for a "severe mouse infestation." »


A Look Inside the Heroin Epidemic

NBC10's Denise Nakano takes a look inside the local heroin epidemic in part one of a two-part series. »

Viagra May Boost Risk of Deadly Skin Cancer: Study

Viagra may be a boon for men with erectile dysfunction, but it may come with a trade-off: A new preliminary study finds that it may boost the risk of developing melanoma, the deadliest type of skin cancer. »

Students Jump in to Help Beloved Teacher

Former George Washington High School students jump in to give back to their beloved teacher Andrea Seitchik. »

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