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Montco Elementary School Raising Autism Awareness

Students at Colonial Elementary School in Plymouth Meeting, Pennsylvania have spent weeks building a giant ribbon to recognize Autism Awareness Month. »


Decades After Chernobyl, Another Chance for Paralympian

Paralympian Oksana Masters recently returned to Ukraine, where she spent her first seven and a half years shuttled among three orphanages. Masters visited with orphaned children that stared at her with an... »

Medical Marijuana Users Protest CBD-Only Laws

Many people who would benefit from the legalization of medical marijuana are beginning to rise up to protest the new laws, NBC News reports. They say “CBD-only” laws allow residents with specified conditions... »

Irregular Periods May Raise Ovarian Cancer Risk: Study

Women who had irregular periods in their 20s were more likely to develop ovarian cancer decades later, according to a new study, NBC News reported. Researchers reported in the International Journal of... »


Polluted Bay Holding Olympic Events Causing Concern for Rio

The Guanabara Bay in Rio will host several Olympic sailing events, but is polluted with sewage. Although the bay is a concern for Rio, Olympic organizers say they are not concerned. »

More Kids Harmed by Ingesting Laundry Pods: Study

Despite warnings about the dangers laundry detergent pods pose to children, calls to poison control centers continue to rise, NBC's "Today" show reported, citing a new study published Monday. The study... »


Chesco Church Teams With Experts for Suicide Prevention

Suicide deaths are on the rise in Chester County among middle age men and women. On Sunday, Trinity Presbyterian Church is teaming up with mental health experts to offer advice and counseling to families... »

3rd of US Suicides Among Middle-Aged Whites: CDC

Middle-aged white people now account for a third of all suicides in the U.S., a new government report shows. Suicide is the nation's 10th leading cause of death, and the overall rate rose 24 per cent in... »


Artist With Autism Paints the World Through His Eyes

Jeremy Sicile-Kira, a 27-year-old with autism, is making a name for himself at a San Diego art studio, where his paintings are fetching up to $2,000. In addition to living with autism, Jeremy’s mom says he has... »