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$37M ER Opens in Philly

NBC10's Matt DeLucia has a sneak peak at the new emergency room at the Aria-Torresdale hospital in Philadelphia. »

Fight to Stop Painkiller Abuse

In an effort to curb a spike in prescription painkiller abuse, Gov. Tom Corbett's administration is endorsing a set of voluntary practices for doctors. »

NPR Host: My Husband’s Slow Death Was Unnecessary

NPR host Diane Rehm said her husband of 54 years had to kill himself by dehydration after his Parkinson’s disease became unbearable because Maryland law forbids a doctor to assist in ending a patient’s »

Border Agent Contracts Scabies After Handling Undocumented Migrants

A border agent was diagnosed with scabies after processing undocumented immigrants in California, despite the fact that agents were told immigrants arriving in the state had been pre-screened for... »

iPads, Other Devices May Cause Rashes

It turns out that iPads may contain nickel, one of the most common allergy-inducing metals, causing some to develop rashes when in direct contact with the devices, The Associated Press reported. Whether all iPad »

Spoonfuls of Medicine May Lead to Dangerous Mistakes

A recent study shows that using spoons to measure medicines can lead to potentially dangerous dosing mistakes. »

Rabid Deer Attacks Woman Outside Store

A deer that attacked a woman at a strip mall tested positive for rabies. »

Illinois to Vote on Employer Contraception Coverage

A week after the U.S. Supreme Court decided on employer contraception coverage, Illinois Gov. Pat Quinn has signed a November ballot question that will ask voters if they think prescription drug coverage... »

Long Lines at L.A. Medical Marijuana Farmers Market

A large number of people were spending their Fourth of July in line to a unique kind of farmers market in Los Angeles. The featured product: medical marijuana. Some people reported waiting up to... »

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