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WATCH: Body Bags Are Getting Bigger

With more than one third of U.S. adults overweight, coroners are having problems with standard body bags sizes being too small. »

Study Shows Link Between ADHD and Premature Death

People with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder are twice as likely to die earlier than those without the condition, according to a new research published Wednesday in The Lancet, NBC News reported. »

Moms Want Medical Marijuana for Sick Kids

A bill to legalize medical marijuana in Pennsylvania is getting a second look Wednesday in the state Senate. It's been about a year since the first hearing on the matter in the Legislature, and, since then, it's... »

Legislators Eye Medicaid Funding

Legislative budget writers are continuing their review of budget requests for one of Delaware's biggest government agencies, the Department of Health and Social Services. »


Study: People Leave Medical Data Trail Online

A study by the University of Pennsylvania shows that some comapnies are tracking what people search when looking for medical information online. »

It Keeps Food Creamy — But Can It Help Make You Fat?

New research suggests that a common ingredient in creamy processed foods — like ice cream and mayonnaise — might make people not only fatter, but also prone to diseases like diabetes, NBC News reported. »


Tech Workers Struggle with Weight Gain in Free-Everything Environment

It was part of college you've probably tried to forget: The Freshman 15. Well that weight-gain phenomenon is a problem for people way beyond college now in the start-up world in Silicon Valley. »

NJ Drugmaker Grants Free License to HIV Medicine

Drugmaker Merck has granted a free license allowing one of its HIV medicines to be made and sold inexpensively for use in young children in poor countries hard hit by the AIDS virus. »

Hand Washing Dishes May Prevent Allergies: Study

Washing dishes might be the best chore for a kid. Doing dishes by hand instead of using a dishwasher might prevent or reduce allergies in children, according to a Swedish study published in the journal... »

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