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Makeover Coming for Food Nutrition Labels

Nutrition facts labels on food packages are getting a long-awaited makeover, with calories listed in bigger, bolder type and a new line for added sugars. And serving sizes will be updated to make them... »


Rutgers Scientists Aid in Zika Research

Scientists at Rutgers are playing a role in the search for a cure for the Zika virus, and they're seeking the public's help. »

House GOP Presses Ahead With $622M Bill to Fight Zika

Republicans controlling the House pushed through on Wednesday a $622 million bill to battle the Zika virus, setting up challenging and high-stakes negotiations with the GOP-controlled Senate and the White House... »

Cancer Drug Keeps Some Patients Alive for 3 Years

A drug that helped former President Jimmy Carter’s cancer disappear is helping many other patients with similar conditions, NBC News reports. The drug, Keytruda, stops tumor cells from cloaking themselves... »

Oprah Winfrey Say She Cheats on Weight Watchers

Winfrey, who's lost upwards of 26 lbs. since becoming a Weight Watchers spokesperson last summer, does allow for a few indulgences. »

Half of US Cancer Deaths Due to Bad Habits: Study

Researchers say people are in charge of their own risk of cancer — with as many as half of cancer deaths related to things people could easily change, NBC News reported. Smoking, heavy drinking, being... »


App Can Help You Save Someone's Life

Burlington County has begun using Pulse Point, the app contacts CPR certified people who are close by in the event that someone goes into cardiac arrest. Matt DeLucia has the details on how the app and FREE... »

Health Experts to Test HIV Vaccine in South Africa

Scientists will be testing an HIV vaccine in South Africa that has had some success, NBC News reported. The risk of infection dropped for 31 percent of volunteers tested in Thailand in 2009 when they were given... »

Cosmetics Can't Claim They Lighten, Plump Up Skin, FDA Says

Reviva Labs, a popular brand of cosmetics, must either prove its products plump skin, regenerate collagen and lighten age spots, or stop claiming they do, the Food and Drug Administration said Wednesday. The... »