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Pa. Prepares for Possible Arrival of Deadly Bird Flu

The avian influenza strain that has decimated flocks of chickens and turkeys in the western United States has not yet made it to Pennsylvania, New Jersey, or Delaware. But officials here are on edge, canceling... »

Temple Med School Expands Affiliation With Hospital

Temple University School of Medicine signed a deal to have Lancaster General Hospital become a major clinical teaching site for Temple medical students. »


Go Red for a Good Cause

Stroke survivor Kristen Jorgensen and Dr. Gullermo Linares talk about the "12th Annual Go Red for Women Luncheon," a charity event for heart disease and stroke survivors. »

When Inaccurate Science Stories Go Viral

As you were scrolling through your Facebook and Twitter feeds last week, did you notice an unusual amount of stories about beards being as dirty as toilets? »

J&J Pays Millions to Settle Antipsychotic Drug Suit

Court filings show pharmaceutical giant Johnson & Johnson has agreed to pay $7.8 million to settle a lawsuit over how the company marketed an antipsychotic drug to Arkansas doctors. »

Yeast Tweaked to Produce Morphine, Opiates

A team of researchers has genetically modified simple brewer's yeast so it can produce opiates like morphine — spurring calls for regulators to control the drug-producing fungus before "home-brewers" recreate it... »

Shoppers Could Soon Have Difficulty Finding Meat's Origin

The World Trade Organization ruled Monday that the U.S. "country of origin" labels put Canadian and Mexican livestock at a disadvantage. The current labels say where the animals were born, raised and... »

Raccoon With Rabies Confirmed in Camden County

A raccoon that was removed from a yard in Camden County, New Jersey tested positive for rabies, according to officials. »

Calif. Senate Approves Bill to Vaccinate School Children

State senators have passed a controversial bill aimed at increasing California's school immunization rates. The bill approved Thursday would prohibit parents from seeking vaccine exemptions for their children... »

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