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Supermarket Donates Hundreds of Turkeys to Philabundance

The Philabundance Food bank in South Philadelphia received 7,000 pounds of turkeys from ShopRite just in time for the holiday season. »

Happiest Married Couples Have Sex Once a Week: Study

Think you need to be swinging from the chandeliers every night to have the most fulfilling marriage? Not even close. The happiest married couples have sex only about once a week, according to a new... »


CHOP Opens New Mother’s Milk Bank

The bank allows women to donate breast milk which is then pasteurized and processes at the hospital. »

Men Eat to Impress on Dates, Study Shows

The next time you’re on a date and unsure of how your potential suitor feels about you, just take a look at his plate. A new study by Cornell University found the more men like a woman, the more they will eat —... »


Flyers Team Up to Cook for Familes at Ronald McDonald House

Philadelphia Flyers captian Claude Giroux and several other members of the orange and black visited Philadelphia's Ronald McDonald House Wednesday to cook and serve a holiday dinner for the families staying... »

Uber Rolls Out On-Demand Flu Vaccinations

Haven't gotten your flu shot yet? Between long work hours, household responsibilities, errands and child care, making a trip to the doctor's office or local pharmacy for that flu shot doesn't seem too... »

CHOP Ordered to Pay $10M

Children's Hospital of Philadelphia has been ordered to pay $10 million to the mother of a boy whose bacterial meningitis wasn't promptly diagnosed despite multiple emergency room visits. »

UberHEALTH Offers Health Packs and Flu Shots

A flu shot can cost $32 at Walgreens, but Philadelphians can register for a free shot on Thursday with UberHEALTH. »

Home Abortions Rise After Texas Law Closes Clinics: Study

A Texas law aimed at restricting abortions, which took effect in 2013, has led to more women trying to end a pregnancy on their own, while the number of clinical procedures in the state has declined, according... »