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UnitedHealth May Withdraw From Obamacare

Experts are divided over Thursday’s news that the No. 1 U.S. health insurer, UnitedHealth Group, might withdraw from health exchanges mandated by so-called Obamacare legislation, NBC News reported. The company... »

Award Continues Research on Heroin Vaccine

Recovering addicts may have a new tool helping them stay on track as a heroin vaccine enters a preclinical phase. The National Institutes of Health National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA) awarded researchers... »

Genetically Modified Salmon OK'd for Human Consumption in U.S.

The Food and Drug Administration on Thursday approved genetically modified salmon, the first such altered animal allowed for human consumption in the United States. The Obama administration had stalled... »


Flyers Team Up to Cook for Familes at Ronald McDonald House

Philadelphia Flyers captian Claude Giroux and several other members of the orange and black visited Philadelphia's Ronald McDonald House Wednesday to cook and serve a holiday dinner for the families staying... »

Will Nation's Top Health Insurer Kill Obamacare?

Thursday's news that the No. 1 U.S. health insurer, UnitedHealth Group, might withdraw from the health insurance exchanges mandated by so-called Obamacare legislation divided experts into two camps. »


'Together Facing Lung Cancer' Event

Fox Chase Cancer Center held its "Together Facing Lung Cancer" event Thursday night. NBC10's Denisse Nakano served as host. »

Sight, Sound Trigger Memories in Dementia Patients

Nursing homes and assisted living facilities increasingly use sight, sound and other sensory cues to stimulate memory and provide a touch of the familiar for people with Alzheimer's disease and other forms... »


Supermarket Donates Hundreds of Turkeys to Philabundance

The Philabundance Food bank in South Philadelphia received 7,000 pounds of turkeys from ShopRite just in time for the holiday season. »

Happiest Married Couples Have Sex Once a Week: Study

Think you need to be swinging from the chandeliers every night to have the most fulfilling marriage? Not even close. The happiest married couples have sex only about once a week, according to a new... »