Philly Retail Shop May be Model for Selling on Instagram

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    Jared Shelly
    An organ from Mason & Hamlin Organ Company.

    There are a lot of stores like Jinxed. The retail store sells vintage and second-hand stuff — like a 1960s style couch, a vintage sign, or that funky lamp that looks like it came from your grandma's house.

    But Jinxed has something the competition doesn't: 9,400 Instagram followers.

    Jinxed staff members post photos of new items with simple instructions: Call to buy. Staple items like mirrors, dressers, or sofas rarely last more than 30 minutes, they say.

    "You're dealing with a pool of potential customers, everybody has something in mind that they're looking for," said owner Mike Supermodel (yes, he goes by Supermodel). Read more about this story on

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