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Amtrak to Introduce Bag Fees for Passengers Exceeding Limits

Amtrak is boarding a baggage fee bandwagon that has generated billions in revenue for the airline industry. The passenger train operator will start on Thursday charging $20 to passengers who exceed limits... »


Pope Visit Bad for Business: City Controller

A new report all but confirms what restaurants and retailers have been saying: The papal weekend was bad for business. »

U.S. Agency Says Fiat Chrysler Underreported Roadway Deaths

Fiat Chrysler is back in hot water with U.S. auto safety regulators. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration said Tuesday that the company failed to report some deaths, injuries and other information... »


Papal Visit Impact by the Numbers

We are beginning to learn how Philadelphia was impacted by Pope Francis' visit including hotel rooms booked, mass transit riders and emergency personnel on duty. »


What Those Metallic Chips on New Credit Cards Mean

Whether you’re buying latte or a new pair of jeans, the new credit cards with the square metallic chips on the front are meant to better protect you from fraud. Here’s what you should know about chip... »

Weighing Options for Del. Port Expansion

A state task force is set to begin weighing various options for expanding port operations in Delaware. »


Old City Expected to See Development Boom

Old City could soon be the “new” city. A huge construction project and others are in the works. NBC10’s Keith Jones has the story. »

Keurig Releases Cold Drinks Machine

Making a glass of Coke at home will soon be possible, if you don't mind paying more than $300 for a machine that sits on your kitchen countertop. Plus an extra dollar or so per drink. Keurig Green Mountain says... »

Whole Foods to Cut About 1,500 Jobs

Grocery chain Whole Foods is cutting about 1,500 jobs over the next eight weeks as it looks to lower prices and keep up with competition. The cuts represent about 1.6 percent of its workforce. »

Tech News
Saudi Billionaire Prince Doubles Ownership of Twitter Stock

Saudi Billionaire Prince Doubles Ownership of Twitter Stock

Saudi billionaire Prince Alwaleed bin Talal and his investment company have doubled their ownership of Twitter's publicly traded shares in the past six weeks. A joint statement released Wednesday by the...

New Crime Fighting Database in Bucks County

New Crime Fighting Database in Bucks County

There is a new crime fighting tool in Bucks County. Police say it’s not only catching criminals, but clearing the innocent. NBC10’s Deanna Durante has more on the first county in the country to join forces with...

Microsoft Unveils Fitness Tracker, Laptop, Phones

Microsoft Unveils Fitness Tracker, Laptop, Phones

The success of Microsoft's fall lineup of devices will ride on the company's ability to convince people who got free Windows 10 software upgrades this summer to spring for new devices — specifically, Windows...

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