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Macy's Is Latest to Dump Donald Trump

Macy's has announced it will no longer do business with Donald Trump in the wake of the Republican presidential candidate's remarks concerning Mexico and immigration. In a statement to MSNBC Macy's said... »

Donna Karan Steps Down From Namesake Brand

Donna Karan will step down from daily duties as chief designer at her namesake company, Donna Karan International, to devote more time to her philanthropic foundation. »

Chobani Selected as Greek Yogurt Provider for School Lunches

Public schools across America will soon offer Greek yogurt as a meat substitute in school lunches beginning this fall. »

Tech-Savvy Tailoring Company Comes to Philly

Too busy to drop your suit off at the tailor? Now Philadelphians who need a sleeve shortened or a hem raised can use an online marketplace for tailors, created by the ousted founder of Men's Wearhouse.. »

Nike Chairman, Co-Founder Phil Knight to Step Down in 2016

Nike co-founder Phil Knight will step down from his position as chairman of the sportswear juggernaut in 2016, the company said. »

Local Firm Collects Emotional Data

A local firm has spent the last four years researching and developing technology that can analyze copious amounts of emotional data – information major companies then use to tailor their messaging to the... »

AC's Beach Concerts Return... at a Cost

Atlantic City to host Rascal Flatts and Maroon Five beach concerts in August. »


What's Going on in Greece? And How It Affects You

Monday's stock slide has investors nervously awaiting Tuesday's opening bell amid the Greek Crisis and an emerging crisis in Puerto Rico. »

New Beer Garden Coming to Center City

A 9,000-square-foot pop-up beer garden will be coming to Philadelphia's business district. »

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WATCH: Dramatic New Trailer for "Steve Jobs" Biopic

WATCH: Dramatic New Trailer for "Steve Jobs" Biopic

A new trailer for the forthcoming Steve Jobs biopic reveals dramatic family and business conflicts.

New Google App Calls Black People 'Gorillas'

New Google App Calls Black People 'Gorillas'

Google's new image-recognition program misfired badly this week by misidentifying two black people as gorillas, delivering a mortifying reminder that even the most intelligent machines still have lot to...

New Jersey Man Putting Young Students on the Right Track

New Jersey Man Putting Young Students on the Right Track

A Trenton-area man is trying to change the lives of children, one go kart at a time.

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