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L&I Changes Construction Signage Requirements

Construction and demolition sites in Philadelphia are now subject to new regulations concerning their signage. »

Rendell to Pols: Invest in Infrastructure

Ed Rendell had some harsh words for politicians that don't want to invest in the nation's infrastructure. »

Locally Grown Foods Becoming Big Business

Once a niche business, locally grown foods aren't just for farmers markets anymore. »

Philly's Hot Home Ownership Zip Codes

Although homeownership in Philadelphia has fallen by more percentage points than all but one U.S. city since 2000, there are nine ZIP codes were it's on the upswing. »

British Want Philly Tech Companies to Expand to U.K.

The British Consulate has expanded an awards program that wants to help Philadelphia-based technology startups build their international presence – specifically to the United Kingdom. »

Tiny Shore Town Sees Job Growth

A tiny Shore town saw a jump in employment, while its neighbor to the north, Atlantic City, continues to struggle. »

PGW Sale Still Alive

The New Haven, Conn.-based energy company reinforced its committment to purchasing Philadelphia Gas Works in an announcement Wednesday. »

1,000+ Jobs for S. Jersey

Gov. Chris Christie is heading to Paulsboro and Camden to promote projects expected to create more than 1,000 jobs. »

New Business Helps Veteran Combat PTSD

Unable to connect with an employer willing to adjust to the medical conditions developed during a nine-year stint with the Marines, Matthew Litton took matters into his own hands -- literally – when he... »

Tech News
Uber Driver Arrested After Sexual Assault

Uber Driver Arrested After Sexual Assault

Police have made an arrest after a woman claimed an Uber cab driver sexually assaulted her earlier this month. Police arrested 31-year-old Reshad Chakari of Alexandria, Virginia, and charged him...

Preparing for Surgery With 3-D Printing

Preparing for Surgery With 3-D Printing

Doctors are now using 3-D printing to create plastic models of their patient's damaged bones and body parts.

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