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Philly Group Wants ‘Sweaty Selfies’

A climate change outreach group in Philadelphia is asking residents to take "sweaty selfies" to raise awareness about the local impacts of climate change. »

WATCH: Dozens Protest Local Pharmaceuticals HQ

Hundreds of property service workers protested outside the North American headquarters of Teva Pharmaceuticals Industries Thursday afternoon over the firings of 10 janitors from the pharmaceutical giant's... »


Dow Dip Impacts Gas Prices, Savings

Gas prices will be going down, but financial analysts say now is the time to check your retirement statements an begin to pay more attention to what you have invested in. »

Huggies Investigating Claims of Glass Found in Baby Wipes

Huggies is investigating after a video made by a mother in Guam purporting to show fiberglass in its baby wipes was posted online. "We are aware of the situation with a mom who posted videos of what... »

Hotel Palomar sells for $97M

A Center City hotel has been purchased by an Orlando, Fla.-based hotel and resort company. »

Will Papal Visit Halt Construction Projects?

Developers constructing projects throughout Philadelphia are figuring out whether they will be able to continue working at their job sites when traffic and other restrictions are put in place during Pope... »


Cyber Security at Rutgers

Rutgers University has hired three cyber security firms after having its computer networks hacked at least four times during the past school year. »

Sinking Currencies Signal Jitters on Emerging Economies

In emerging markets worldwide, currencies are plunging over fears that developing economies are on the verge of a crippling fall. Success stories until recently, emerging economies are seen as casualties now... »

Dow Falls More Than 500 Points

The Dow fell more than 500 points Friday, plunging for a second straight day and hitting a 10 percent decline from its all-time high — the definition of a market correction. Investors continue to worry that a... »

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Too Hip to Be Square: Instagram to Allow Landscape Photos

Too Hip to Be Square: Instagram to Allow Landscape Photos

Instagram photographers around the world are pleased that the photo-sharing service has decided to think outside the box. "You can now share photos and videos in both portrait and landscape orientation...

Nevada Man Pleads Guilty to Spamming Facebook Users

Nevada Man Pleads Guilty to Spamming Facebook Users

A Nevada man pleaded guilty Monday to sending more than 27 million spam messages to Facebook users, federal officials said. U.S. Attorney Melinda Haag said Sanford Wallace, of Las Vegas, admitted to accessing...

Twitter Shuts Down Sites That Collect Deleted Tweets

Twitter Shuts Down Sites That Collect Deleted Tweets

Twitter has suspended accounts that collect politicians' deleted tweets and publish them on a network of international websites.

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