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New Chip Credit Cards Deadline Has Arrived

Stores, restaurants and hotels meet the deadline to have the "Chip and PIN" technology installed to work with the new, more secure credit cards. »

Hyatt May Be Coming to Rittenhouse

The plan to bring a $125 million boutique hotel in the Rittenhouse Square area has been dropped in order to bring another Hyatt product into Philadelphia's hotel market. »

Amtrak Charging Excess Baggage Fees

Effective Thursday, Amtrak will begin charging passengers fees for excess baggage. »


What Those Metallic Chips on New Credit Cards Mean

Whether you’re buying latte or a new pair of jeans, the new credit cards with the square metallic chips on the front are meant to better protect you from fraud. Here’s what you should know about chip... »

Philly Entrepreneur Wins $100K

Steve Case got the kind of introduction you could only get in this city, this week. "A welcome to the pope of entrepreneurship," deadpanned Philadelphia Mayor Michael Nutter, a roomful of business casual guests... »

Bank of America to Announce Layoffs

Bank of America is announcing layoffs as part of the bank’s latest cost-cutting efforts, The Wall Street Journal reported Tuesday. »

Owner of Superfund Site Agrees to $194M Cleanup

Wyeth Holdings will perform nearly $194 million in cleanup work at a New Jersey superfund site. »

Amtrak to Introduce Bag Fees for Passengers Exceeding Limits

Amtrak is boarding a baggage fee bandwagon that has generated billions in revenue for the airline industry. The passenger train operator will start on Thursday charging $20 to passengers who exceed limits... »


Pope Visit Bad for Business: City Controller

A new report all but confirms what restaurants and retailers have been saying: The papal weekend was bad for business. »

Tech News
Twitter Gives Co-Founder Jack Dorsey 2nd Chance as CEO

Twitter Gives Co-Founder Jack Dorsey 2nd Chance as CEO

Twitter is embracing Jack Dorsey as its CEO in hopes that its once-spurned co-founder can hatch a plan to expand the short messaging service's audience and end nearly a decade of financial losses. The hiring...

Cassette Tapes Making a Comeback

Cassette Tapes Making a Comeback

Many music lovers are hitting the rewind button, turning back to analog cassette tapes, NBC News reported. Demand for cassette tapes has surged, according to National Audio Co.

Google Officially Becomes Alphabet

Google Officially Becomes Alphabet

Google is officially 'Alphabet.' Google Inc. on Friday completed the move to reorganize as Alphabet, and its stock will begin trading as Alphabet on the Nasdaq under the same tickers "GOOG" and "GOOGL"...

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