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Twitter Explodes After I Ask Mayor Nutter About His Plan for Littering

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    After three years of living in Fishtown followed by five years of living in Northern Liberties I've learned one thing: Philadelphia has a lot of litter. It's gross. People throw trash in the street all the time. Do they think it's like going to a movie theater when someone will clean up after them when the movie ends?

    But it's more than that. Trash day can get super messy: Lazy trash collectors don't seem to mind when items fall out of cans and onto the ground; wind blows trash and recycling through the streets; bums and trash pickers go through your trash and leave a mess.

    What it comes down to is a city filled with filth. How can we expect people to have respect for their neighborhoods when they're littered with garbage?

    On Twitter I posted a simple question to Mayor Michael Nutter: What is your plan for all the litter in our streets? Fishtown, No Libs, S. Philly are a mess … and getting worse. Read more about this story on

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