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Beer Brand Strategies for Targeting Millennial Men



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    Some of today’s most successful brands are obsessed with marketing to millennial men.

    Millennial men make up a powerful customer base — they tend to make more money and be more satisfied with their current careers than their female counterparts.

    They are constantly connected via smartphones, laptops or tablets. One of the few things a millennial man can’t live without is his favorite beer, whether it’s for a night out with the guys or to drink while watching the game on Sunday night.

    As the youngest legal drinkers, millennials have embraced beer drinking and are transforming the entire industry. Craft breweries are popping up all over the country and millennials are opting to pay more for craft beers instead of public brands.

    However, there are lessons to be learned from beer brands that are staying relevant and available to millennial men. Read more about this story on

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