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Tree Falls, Kills 2 Boys Camping in NJ State Park

A 40 foot tree snapped and fell, killing two cousins, ages 2 and 7, who were huddled with their families at a campsite



    Marisa Brahney
    June 30, 2012: This is not the actual tree. This is our NBC10 crew at Parvin State Park making their way to the campsite area. There are lots of downed trees from the severe storms.

    A 40-foot pine tree snapped and fell overnight, killing two little boys who were camping in Parvin State Park in Salem County, New Jersey.

    The boys, ages 2 and 7, are cousins, police tell NBC10.

    They were huddled with their families when the tragedy happened.

    Both suffered severe injuries. 

    The boys' families were in tents right next to each other, and when the storm hit, they decided to huddle together in one tent, according to a statement by the NJ Department of Environmental Protection.

    The tree, which snapped in mid-section, fell on the tent where they'd all gathered.

    Parvin State Park is in Pittsgrove Township. It has 56 sites for tents and trailer hookups. The storms chased most folks away, but some stayed.