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Delaware's Punkin Chunkin Squashed for This Year


    Chunkin competitors watch their pumpkin fly, during the 2010 World Championships.

    The 2014 Punkin Chunkin won't be happening after all.

    The World Championship Punkin Chunkin said in a news release Friday that the annual event, in which contestants launch pumpkins with a variety of homemade contraptions, will not be held as scheduled.

    The event was scheduled for Oct. 24 through Oct. 26 on the grounds of the Dover International Speedway. The contest was moved to the racetrack grounds after a farmer who allowed the Punkin Chunkin to be held on his land for years said he would no longer make his property available.

    John Huber, president of World Championship Punkin Chunkin, said in a news release that the event will be held on Nov. 6-8, 2015, at the speedway.

    The event has been held annually for 28 years.