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This 8-Year-Old Dancing on "India's Got Talent" Will Provide You With a Lifetime of Dance-piration

Meet Akshat Singh, the dance prodigy behind the incredible Bollywood medley routine on "India's Got Talent."



    Meet 8-year-old Akshat Singh, your new spirit animal/dance-piration/celebrity crush if you are also 8 years old. Now watch his INCREDIBLE dance routine on "India's Got Talent."

    We love Akshat and his routine, a medley of tracks from the Bollywood movies of Salman Khan. We love that he looks vaguely like the kid from "Up." And we love his moves.

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    When he plays himself like a guitar.

    When he belly dances for the judges.

    When he drops into the splits.

    And then picks it up, flips it and reverses it into the splits in a headstand.

    GIFs don't even do Akshat's dance justice. Because when you watch the whole thing, not only do you get an homage to Bollywood movies, but there's also dashes of "Mean Girls" (his parents doing the choreography in the wings) and "Little Miss Sunshine" (So. Much. Hip. Thrusting from an 8-year-old).

    Basically, we're the lady on the right.

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