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WATCH: Halle Berry, Chris Colfer Play Charades on "The Tonight Show"

The actress also dished on her new CBS series “Extant,” premiering Wednesday.



    Halle Berry and Chris Colfer play a game of charades with Jimmy Fallon and "Tonight Show" announcer Steve Higgins. (Published Wednesday, July 9, 2014)

    Halle Berry and “Glee” star Chris Colfer played an intense game of charades on Tuesday’s episode of “The Tonight Show.”

    But before the action, Berry told host Jimmy Fallon about her new CBS series “Extant,” premiering Wednesday. The actress said that the production of the sci-fi thriller couldn’t have succeeded without Steven Spielberg.

    “He’s a producer and with this genre of sci-fi, nobody does it better,” Berry said of Spielberg. “What's good about him is he brings heart to it. Like with ‘E.T.’ and ‘A.I.’, he brings the emotion and the complexity of characters into the world of sci-fi, which I think is his signature.”

    “It was our hope to bring movie quality to television,” Berry added.

    At the end of the interview, Berry and Fallon showed the audience “how they roll.” They grabbed each other’s ankles and created a human hamster wheel, rolling down the stage.

    Finally, Berry teamed up with Fallon and Colfer paired up with “Tonight” announcer Steve Higgins for a game of charades.

    Watch the heated game of charades above. You can also see Berry and Fallon perform their roll below.