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40 minutes ago

In Reply To: Jimmy Fallon Reads Celebrity Twitter Responses

Jimmy Fallon loves Twitter, but he sometimes he gets confused when celebrities tweet something ambiguous. Fortunately, he's gone back in the thread to reveal who these celebrities were tweeting at and why, in a... »


Walsh Talks Whitewater Rafting

Kate Walsh spoke to Jimmy Fallon about her new NBC show "Bad Judge" and discussed being tossed off a boat while whitewater rafting with her family. »


Meyers: Che Talks Upbringing, Morgan

Michael Che talks to Seth Meyers about growing up in New York and tips Tracy Morgan gave him with his stand-up. »


WATCH: Affleck's Kids Are Unimpressed by Batman Role

On Monday night's episode of “The Tonight Show,” Ben Affleck revealed to Jimmy Fallon that his three kids aren’t the least bit interested in the actor's role as Batman. »


Meyers: Che Dishes on His New "SNL" Gig

Seth Meyers talks to comedian Michael Che about his new "Saturday Night Live" gig as "Weekend Update" anchor. »


Meyers: "Finally, Some Good News: Iraq"

Seth Meyers discusses a positive New York Times article about Iraq. »


Meyers: Che Talks Fellow Weekend Update Anchor Jost

"Weekend Update Anchor" on "Saturday Night Live" Michael Che talks to Seth Meyers about sendoffs his co-anchor Colin Jost came up with. »


Late at Night on NBC

Watch Jimmy Fallon and Seth Meyers bring the laughs late night on NBC. »


Fallon: Affleck's Kids Love "Frozen"

Jimmy Fallon chats with Ben Affleck about his kids' love for "Frozen," and disinterest in his role as "Batman." »

World's Biggest "Harry Potter" Collection

World's Biggest "Harry Potter" Collection

A Mexico City man is in Hogwarts heaven after his collection of "Harry Potter" memorabilia was named the world's largest.His collection fills two rooms and counts everything from magic wands and toy figurines to... »

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