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On-Set Informant: Jamie Foxx ‘Loves Ritz Crackers’




    Our confidential informant on the set of "Law Abiding Citizen" is leaking bits of information about life on the film and shooting locations on a weekly basis:

    The cast and crew of  F. Gary Gray’s “Law Abiding Citizen” are shooting at Holmesburg Prison in Northeast Philadelphia this week. They will continue to shoot at the prison until Wednesday Feb. 25.

    On Tuesday, scenes were shot under a bridge and included helicopter shots. According to our on-set confidential source, the cast and crew shoot day and night today and Friday at the Holmesburg Prison. All of that time will be spent shooting just one scene.

    Today’s on-set tidbit:Jamie Foxx “loves Ritz crackers.”

    “He’s down to earth and funny,” said our source.

    Last week, the cast and crew were filming at the George Hill Prison in Glen Mills, Pa.