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Fallon: "Word Sneak" With Pratt

Jimmy Fallon and Chris Pratt get cards with random words on them (such as "Soul Patch" and "Dentures"), and must work them into a casual conversation. »


Meyers: Samberg on Working With Weird Al

Andy Samberg talks with Seth Meyers about being in a sketch at the Emmys with his idol Weird Al. »


Meyers: The Lonely Island's Amazing New Office

Andy Samberg tells Seth Meyers that The Lonely Island new office used to be owned by singer Babyface. »


Meyers: Armisen Answers Your Questions

After asking "Late Night" fans to send in videos asking Fred Armisen for advice, Seth Meyers shows the "Portlandia" star's responses. »


Meyers: Samberg's "SNL" Characters That Never Were

Andy Samberg talks about all of his "Saturday Night Live" characters that never made the show. »


Fallon: Pratt Talks About His First Headshot

Chris Pratt chats with Jimmy Fallon about a weird experience he had getting his first headshot when he moved to L.A. »

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