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The Phanatic Beans His Mom



    It was an absolutely gorgeous day out yesterday for the Phillies’ 3-2 win over the Marlins at Citizen’s Bank Park. But the day was marred by a somewhat ugly incident involving the Phillie Phanatic bringing his mom out to home plate and then beaning her in the face with a fastball. The 700 Level reports (complete with outstanding gif):


    In what has become a tradition of sorts in Philadelphia, the Phillie Phanatic celebrated his birthday on Sunday by rounding up every mascot he could find to play a baseball game on the field at Citizens Bank Park prior to the Phils-Marlins tilt.


    Phillies Puker Pleads Guilty to Assault

    [PHI] Phillies Puker Pleads Guilty to Assault
    Matthew Clemmens dodged reporters Tuesday after he pleaded guilty to puking on a man and his daughters at a Phillies game. Clemmens' lawyer said his client was remorseful.
    (Published Friday, July 30, 2010)

    Not one to take it easy on anybody, the Phanatic plunked his mother, Phoebe, in the kisser.

    I think this is one of the reasons the Phillie Phanatic has one of the best Q ratings among all professional sports mascots. More than any other overstuffed team avatar, the Phanatic understands that mascot-on-mascot violence sells like hotcakes. Indeed, if you told me that they were going to hold a special Beaning Night at CBP next week featuring just three hours of the Phanatic plunking his mom, I’d throw down $40 to see it in person. Big people in furry suits hurting each other NEVER gets old. EVER. And it helps teach the young ones that Philadelphia is not a town to be messed with. That’s an important lesson for kids of all ages.

    So three cheers to the Phanatic for giving his mom a taste of the ol’ chin music. I wish every day were his birthday.