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Vick's High School Refuses to Hang Jersey

Officials say the jersey would only be a “distraction to the students education"

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    Officials at Michael Vick’s high school alma mater are refusing to re-hang the Eagles quarterback’s football jersey, reports TMZ.

    Warwick High School officials in Newport News, Va., told TMZ that the NFL star’s high school prep jersey would only be a “distraction to the students education.”

    The jersey used to proudly hang in the school’s hall until 2007 when Vick was arrested and convicted for leading a dog-fighting ring.

    In light of Vick’s recent NFL success and rehabilitated actions, students at Warwick rallied, trying to convince administrators to re-hang Vick’s old No. 7, reports TMZ.

    School officials cited fears of vandalism in addition to the “distracting” reasons not to show off the shirt.

    It’s a no-go for this year, but administrators told TMZ they may reconsider in the future.