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Play of the Day: Vick's Slam Dunk Goodbye to Lehigh



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    The highlight from the last day of Eagles training camp didn’t happen on the field but rather in the parking lot.

    Many players like DeSean Jackson, Juqua Parker and others quickly left Bethlehem behind and began the trek out of training camp commonly known as the Lehigh 500.

    But some of the Eagles weren’t as quick to leave training camp as others.

    Quarterback Michael Vick, running back LeSean McCoy, wideout Jason Avant and others stuck around and shot some hoops in the players’ parking lot after practice Wednesday morning.

    The highlight of the impromptu shootaround was when Vick easily bounced above the rim to slam down a two-handed jam. It was one of a few slam dunks that Vick showed off to his teammates and the press.

    Yes this is barely newsworthy but the last day of training camp was so quiet that this was the loudest moment.

    Guess the Eagles players just like their fans are ready to put training camp behind them and get on with trying to win a Super Bowl -- a goal eluded to by wideout Jeremy Maclin.

    “We got one goal in mind,” J-Mac said before his Cannonball Run back to Philly. “We’re not worried about nothing else.”