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McNabb Still "Sore," Groundwork Being Laid for a Re-Benching?



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    When Donovan McNabb got benched against Detroit two weeks ago, Redskins head coach Mike Shanahan offered up a litany of excuses for pulling his starter: poor preparation, poor conditioning, nagging injuries, bad taste in expensive eyewear, etc. None of those excuses seemed to go over well with the public, who assumed (rightly) that McNabb was benched because he was lousy. I don’t know why Mike Shanahan didn’t just say that. It’s not like McNabb will melt if you come out and speak the truth.

    Anyway, those nagging injuries that magically became an issue only AFTER McNabb had been pulled are apparently still nagging at him. At least, that is, if you ask Shanahan:

    "Right now, he's improved from last week, but by no means is he full speed yet," Shanahan said. "As we go later in the week, I'll get a feel exactly where he's at, but, right now, I can't tell you if he could go full speed."

    Shanahan then went ahead and spent plenty of time lauding Michael Vick with reporters present. I can’t help but think that McNabb’s sore hammies are still being used as a cover by Shanahan to dance around the fact that he may have a short hook ready for McNabb on Sunday. Shanny, after all, has been toying with the idea of pulling McNabb since early October, and I don’t think he’s through with the concept. By talking up the injury, he can maybe pull McNabb again (probably earlier than the freakin’ two minute warning) and have a built-in excuse this go round, that doesn’t make it look like he’s fumbling for a diplomatic answer. Pay close attention on Sunday, Eagles fans. If you go up by two touchdowns, there may be some sexy Rexiness in your future.