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Eagles release highly-anticipated "Angry Birds" game



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    After months of anticipation, angry Birds fans (pun intended) can finally play their favorite team-themed video game -- Philadelphia Mighty Eagle and all.

    The Eagles version of the massively popular Angry Birds game franchise by Rovio was released via the Eagles Facebook page Tuesday morning, nearly two months after the team announced a game was in the works.

    It's the first time Rovio has teamed up with an NFL franchise and follows other recent "Angry Birds" partnerships like the one with the rock band Green Day.

    The game features a very Philly appropriate LOVE statue filled with angry little piggies that the Angry Birds try to destroy. The whole scene plays out inside an animated version of Lincoln Financial Field.

    The game play is very similar to the traditional Angry Birds games with one big new feature: if you’re having trouble beating the competition, you can call on the Might Philadelphia Eagle -- a character many times the size of a normal slingshotted bird -- to swoop in and destroy everything in its path. It’s like Brian Dawkins in his prime! If only the Eagles had a guy like that on the field this season.

    To play the game, you must follow the Eagles on Facebook. A new level of the game is set to be released each week throughout the regular season.

    A preview video of what to expect from the game is available on